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Trésor Otshudi is a professional singer, dancer, musician, author, composer and entrepreneur. He won the TV show 100% Phenomenes on TF6 channel in France with his song and his original concept R&B Ndombolo. He produced a solo album « Destin » and 2 Eps «R&B Ndombolo 1 and 2 ». His music has allowed him to tour Europe, Africa, North America and recently Asia. Also, his father Pépé Fally Manuaku, is a legendary guitarist of the Congolese rumba. Trésor has a certificate of choreographic and artistic studies from Choreia, a Professionals Performing Arts School in Paris, in France. He is studying classical music at Trinity Western University in Langley, Bristish Columbia. He is also a music educator at Long&Mcquade in Vancouver and Langley in Canada.


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Since her childhood, Renelle Ray bathes in the musical universe. Knowing how  to hum before even being able to speak, she grew up in Falher, nourishing her passion for melodies. She continued her musical journey in Calgary area by taking an active part in the art scene. Among other things, she was a semi-finalist at the Calgary Stampede Talent Search in 2012.

Before starting her studies at the Univeristy of Alberta’s Campus Saint-Jean in the elementary education program, minor in music, Renelle Ray pushed her limits, allowing her to discover herslef as an artist. During a six months stay in the Cayman Islands, as well as a trip to Europe, she introduced the guitar for the first time during her performance at many micro-open evenings.

Moreover, following her return, she took part in the talented evening of the Campus Saint-Jean and won a place as a finalist for the Univers-Cité en Spectacle in Quebec City in 2017.

Energetic and passionate, Renelle Ray finds in the interpretation of songs an outlet, a necessity to make palpable her feeelings, her experiences and her dreams. Using her popular acoustic folk style, she transports her audience into her world by offering them an experience that will make them smile, cry and dance.


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Put simply, Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds are new-age fosterers of soul music. They are, however, bringing it with a twist. The band is from the old French quarter of St Boniface, Winnipeg, the largest French speaking population in Western Canada, and they are cementing their identity as bi-lingual artists with a unique double EP release: the self-titled English 4-song EP, and another 4-songs on their French EP, TITLE. Jérémie Brémault’s smooth, smoky voice, and earnest stage presence wrings that authentic soul sound into the group’s wide-ranging style. They call it the “delicious sound” – say it fast enough and you’ll hear where these crafty musicians get their name.

Manitoba’s French media have been following Jérémie since his emergence into the music scene. With no prior performing experience, he won “St. Boniface Idol” in 2013. Gathering around Jeremie’s natural talent, he was able to hand pick his favorite musicians from the scene, and they have been buzzing ever since. After being featured on French Radio (Radio-Canada, Envol) and French newspaper (La Liberté), in 2016 they performed live on Radio at the French language musical gala “Les Découvertes”, where they won the public’s choice and a headlining slot at the 2017 Festival du Voyageur, Western Canada’s largest winter festival. They performed for TV on two occasions: live with Shaw TV, and were also featured on UnisTV’s national French television program “Unis par le chant”.

2017 has already seen the band begin to expand further on the national scale. They performed a bilingual set at the City of Victoria’s New Year’s Eve Canada 150 celebration in front of thousands. Victoria’s French radio station has already caught on and started playing their English EP in anticipation of the official release, May 19th, 2017. They also have 2 national performances planned to promote the release – (pending announcements). Monteal’s “Société pour l’avancement de la chanson d’expression française (SACEF)” have awarded Jérémie with a slot in their program, “Du Haut des Airs”, in September 2017. The Hounds are excited to work towards a successful release with more performances around Canada and Manitoba in progress.

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kaya ns

Originally from Burundi, Kaya Free started rap in 2001 with the desire to transmit a message of peace and freedom. He starts to record in the Roc House Record studio in his neighborhood at the end of his studies in 2010. His first songs were acclaimed and the public’s enthusiasm for this new rapper encouraged him to pursue his musical career.

In 2011, with his friend Adonis (ADO), he created a group of young students named « Agati k’Imana » (shrub of God). The group know a great success in all the capital where one spoke only about « Agatik Music ».

In 2016, he released his first album entitled « Agatik Music Vol.1 » and produced a series of concerts. In 2017, he released a second album, « The Great Freedom », which relates the ideologies of positive change of mentalities and a beautiful vision for his country and the African continent. With the socio-political crisis that affected his country in April 2015, Kaya Free moved to Rwanda where he pursued his goal and created the musical label « Agatik Entertainment » to organize concerts of peace and positive change of mentalities.

Since the summer of 2017, the artist has been living in Saskatchewan in Canada with his family and has already participated in festivals and concerts such as « Canada Day », « Festival Fête Fransaskois » and more recently « Nouvelle Scene ».

Kaya Free take inspiration from French rap and the music of French-speaking artists such as Soprano and Youssoupha. The artist is currently promoting his new album released on June 1st 2018 #AGATIKERS and collaborates with many artists for the development of his career in Canada.

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