The show

On Thursday, September 20th, 2018, the stage of the Waterfront Theater in Vancouver saw three talented author-songwriters and a band, all from the four provinces of Western Canada come together for the 29th annual Chant’Ouest!

At this event, rich in music and diversity, the rapper Kaya Free, from Saskatchewan, and the band Jeremie & The Delicious Hounds from Manitoba won the two André-Mercure awards, presented by the show’s jury. These two awards give them the opportunity to represent Western Canada at the Granby International Song Festival in August 2019. Kaya Free also won the SOCAN Song Chance Award, which recognizes the best original song, with his title Bienvenue en Saskatchewan, as well as the Audience Award, offered by the French-language press. For her part, the Alberta artist, Renelle Ray, is awarded the SACEF – Du Haut des Airs Canada Award, which offers her a residency in performance.

The edition of Chant’Ouest 2018 also featured the artist Trésor Otshudi, the representative of British Columbia, who won the Pacifique en chanson song contest in June 2018. The evening, which was crowned with four days rich in encounters and has undoubtedly brought honor to a plural and creative Francophonie.