What is Chant’Ouest ?

Chant’Ouest is an interprovincial contest and  show. It presents a unique experience for emerging francophone music artists from Western provinces, by fostering their debut in the music industry. Not only is it an enriching experience on stage for the artists, but they also receive a one-on-one training by a professional team. It is the second level of a series of contests, the first level being on the provincial level. The two winners of Chant’Ouest will be representing Western Canada at the prestigious Festival international de la chanson de Granby in Quebec.


The next edition of Chant’Ouest will be taking place in Alberta on September 2019.

  • 4 emerging francophone artists from Western provinces
  • 4 days of professionnal training
  • 2 winners participating in next year’s Festival international de la chanson de Granby



Chant’Ouest is a collaboration between four provincial events for emerging francophone music artists : Nouvelle scène (SK), Pacifique en chanson (C.-B), Polyfonik (AB) and Projets Découvertes (MB).

Chant’Ouest is a unique event as it is the only francophone music competition to tour accross the country.

Make sure to not miss Contact Ouest, happening from September 20th until September 23th in Vancouver as well. Workshops, information booths and networking are waiting for you there ! This event facilitates the encounter of francophone artists and professionnals of music industry, with the goal to create better conditions of artistical and commercial practices into our environment and to grow the artistical networking.